Sunday, January 10, 2016

The Telegraph (UK) reports that:
Three British Iraq war veterans are to be investigated for the third time over the death of a looter in Basra nearly 13 years ago, in a move denounced as “vindictive”
An incident on May 8, 2003 would change the[]lives [of three British soldiers] and still haunt them 13 years on. A young Iraqi looter, Ahmed Jabbar Kareem Ali, had been arrested by the pair and another older soldier, [] a colour sergeant. In the process – events at this stage are heavily disputed – the 17-year-old Iraqi drowned.
Three years later the trio were cleared of manslaughter at a court martial. But in 2010 they faced a second investigation, by the Iraq Historic Allegations Team (Ihat), which is examining more than 1,500 claims of abuse by British forces and can bring further charges if it sees fit.
Again they were cleared but only after a five-year investigation. Ihat found “there was no prospect of gaining any new or compelling evidence to go any way to altering a previous decision made by the courts martial”.

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