Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Happy Birthday to us!

Today is Global Military Justice Reform's second birthday. In the past two years we have had an amazing 2270 posts and 352 comments, and a whopping 217,039 hits from readers in 161 jurisdictions. Among the recent highlights (and subjects to which we expect to return as events unfold):
  • the U.S. Executive Branch's proposal for sweeping military justice changes
  • continuing issues about the scope of military jurisdiction and summary trials in Canada
  • the improper use of military courts in a variety of countries, such as Pakistan, Egypt, and Thailand
  • growing sentiment for reform of the antiquated military justice system in India, including legislative consideration of recent proposals by a top-flight committee that included Global Military Justice Reform contributor Major (ret) Navdeep Singh
  • proposals to strengthen (introduce?) the rule of law in Chinese military justice (herewith a major shout-out to contributor Susan Finder)
  • UN efforts to strengthen discipline among Troop Contributing Countries' peacekeeping contingents
Many thanks as always to our readers, commenters and contributors. Without each of you this blog would not be possible. Welcome to Year 3!

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