Saturday, January 16, 2016

Chief Military Prosecutor to head China's new Military Political Legal Committee

The Chinese official media has recently announced that Li Xiaofeng, the gentleman in the front left of this photo, has been appointed to head China's new military political legal committee (under the Central Military Commission), which will coordinate the military legal institutions and implement military legal reforms. This blog was the first to explain the significance of these reforms.
 Li Xiaofeng previously appeared in this blog almost exactly one year ago, when we noted that he had been promoted ahead of the head of the military court.  Press reports note that he studied law and served in both the military court and procuratorate (prosecutor's office) for many years.  His promotion must have been linked to his skillful handling of the prosecution of a number of PLA generals and other high-ranking PLA officers, including Xu Caihou, Gu Junshan, Guo Boxiong.  His new role calls for moving many people's cheese (yes, this phrase has moved into Chinese bureaucratic jargon, too).

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