Monday, January 18, 2016

UK soldiers under the legal gun?

The Daily Mail (UK) reports that: Foreigners will be banned from claiming legal aid to sue soldiers in UK courts under a crackdown on ‘ambulance- chasing’ law firms.
. . .
Meanwhile some British soldiers are facing multiple probes over incidents during the Iraq War dating back more than a decade.
These include a military investigation and court martial; the Iraq Historic Allegations Team, which looks at cases brought by PIL or Leigh Day; Iraq Fatalities Investigations, whose functions are similar to those of a coroner’s inquest; the International Criminal Court in the Hague; and civil claims in the High Court from bereaved families.
Up to 280 soldiers who served in Iraq have been sent letters by investigators asking them about their role in incidents years ago. It is feared that dozens of war veterans could face murder charges.
It appears the intent is to impose a residence test.

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