Thursday, January 14, 2016

Lebanese justice minister: military court is "dead"

A decision by the Lebanese military appellate court to free Michel Samaha, a former cabinet minister, on bail has stirred up a political hornet's nest. According to this account:
Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea stated on Twitter that "Even if I'm not a law expert, setting Samaha free is refused by all means". Lashing out at the military court's decision, Geagea wondered what sort of message this decision gives to the Lebanese. 
"What sort of hope and sovereignty are they keeping for Lebanon's future... for the people's security and freedom," Geagea wondered. 
Minister of Justice, Ashraf Rifi, considered that the Military Court was “dead”. "I declare the death of the Military Court of Appeal, since it seems to distinguish and differentiate between a friendly crime and an enemy crime," he said. 
Democratic Gathering’s leader, MP Walid Jumblatt categorically deplored the military court's decision, considering that it "legalizes crime". 
"Such a decision constitutes a profound challenge to the grave efforts undertaken by the security services in combating terrorism," Jumblatt lamented.

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