Tuesday, January 5, 2016

From Sahara Reporters an editorial update of sorts.
Nigeria entered 2016 with many carryovers. One of them is a veritable national blemish. The gratuitous incarceration of 66 ’’mutinous’’ Nigerian soldiers.
The soldiers were arrested and court-martialed for allegedly weaseling out of their deployment to the front lines. They pleaded that they were no wimps. The act hyperbolized as the crime of ‘’cowardice’’ and ‘’mutiny’’ was simply their refusal to confront the cruelest death cult in the world with a ridiculous ration of 30 bullets!
The court-martial discountenanced their defense, found them guilty, and sentenced them to death by firing squad!
Later, as an act of "mercy," the death sentences were commuted to ten years confinement.

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