Wednesday, January 27, 2016

"And they're off . . ." -- journalists' trial begins in Cameroon

It was an inauspicious start yesterday to the military trial of three journalists in Yaounde, Cameroon on charges of “non-denunciation” or concealing information dangerous to State security. This account observes:
All the lawyers for the accused complained that they did not have enough information on the trial. They argued that while the prosecution had a huge charge file, they had virtually nothing. 
In response, Mrs. Justice Mbem Yvonne Léopoldine épouse Akoa requested them to respect the instructions of the President of the Yaounde Military Tribunal by applying for copies of the exhibits they needed, while being ready to pay for the cost. The trial was later adjourned to February 19, 2016, for each accused to be individually notified of the charges against them and for defence counsel to present lists of their witnesses.
It's not clear whether the prosecution has already disclosed its own list of witnesses.

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