Friday, January 16, 2015

Indian government to abandon ~4000 military pension appeals

Maj (ret) Navdeep Singh
In a remarkable development, the Indian Defence Minister has announced that the government will abandon its appeals in some 4000 military pension cases. Details can be found here. The action came in the face of a tough order from the Supreme Court of India. Global Military Justice Reform contributor Major (ret) Navdeep Singh is quoted:
"Nice gesture by the minister but there was no other option for the ministry since it was a direction by a three judge bench of the Supreme Court last month. 
"Even MoD's review petition in a similar case was dismissed in January 2014 by the apex court. The new regime should have ideally taken suo moto action of withdrawing appeals and thereby earning goodwill of disabled soldiers," Maj (retd) Navdeep Singh, advocate of Punjab & Haryana High Court, told PTI.

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