Monday, January 26, 2015

Former U.S. Army trial counsel convicted of rape and other offenses

A former U.S. Army military prosecutor has been convicted of rape and other offenses in a general court-martial conducted at Ft. Bragg. The AP has the story here. Of interest to those concerned with transparency in the administration of justice are these paragraphs:
The statement emailed to news media outlets on Monday was the first issued by the Army about the case and provided no details about the crimes for which Burris was convicted, the number of victims or whether they included other military personnel.
Past dockets listing scheduled courtroom proceedings at Fort Bragg in recent days are no longer available online, making it unclear what, if any, public notice was provided in advance of [Major Erik J.] Burris' trial. Non-military personnel cannot access the sprawling North Carolina base or its federal courthouse without approval.
Major Burris was sentenced to 20 years' confinement, a dismissal and total forfeitures. 

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