Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Did candidate (now Senator) Joni Ernst violate DoD regulations?

Sen. Joni Ernst (R.-IA)
The Des Moines Register has this op-ed by Steve Wikert, following up on an earlier piece he wrote about whether Iowa National Guard Lt. Col. (and now U.S. Senator) Joni Ernst was out of line in invoking her military status in her successful campaign. He now writes:
So has Joni Ernst broken military protocol? The problem is there is no simple answer.
The Iowa National Guard said that she is not subject to the UCMJ or the ICMJ, unless she is ordered to duty. But there are military regulations for off duty personnel when running a campaign. She did break Department of Defense regulations by not putting a disclaimer with images of herself in the Iowa National Guard. The National Guard also mentioned in its letter that contemptuous comments about state or federal officials by National Guard members during civilian activities "... could form the basis for adverse administrative action ..."

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