Friday, December 31, 2021

Trouble in Dublin

Charges and countercharges have been flying within the Irish Defence Forces, culminating most recently in the transfer of Colonel Jerry Lane, who had been Director of Legal Services. Click here for an Irish Times summary. Excerpt:

It is understood much of the disquiet in the legal services section relates to the issuing of a General Routine Order (GRO) in 2019.

The GRO, which was signed by then Maj Gen [Seán] Clancy, granted additional powers to Col Lane, including granting him supervisory powers over disciplinary actions against troops and giving him the power to appoint prosecuting officers.

Concerns were raised within the Defence Forces that the GRO was in conflict with legislation and the matter was referred to the Attorney General’s office.

In an unusual move, the GRO was then revoked by Minister for Defence Simon Coveney in February of this year, according to documents seen by The Irish Times.

And that's just part of it. 

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