Thursday, December 23, 2021

Biggest global military justice reform stories of 2021

Over at CAAFlog, they're taking nominations for the Top 10 cases of 2021, among other things. Be sure to cast your ballot so no one can challenge the election results.

How about a Global Top 10 developments survey? Some possibilities:

  • Successful (so far) challenge to the trial of civilians by Uganda's military courts
  • Parliamentary consideration of the Armed Forces Bill, including amendments by the House of Lords
  • New military justice legislation in Cuba
  • First hit from Liechtenstein (okay, not exactly earth-shaking)
  • Publication of March to Justice, edited by Navdeep Singh and Frank Rosenblatt
  • Vaccine mutiny in Oklahoma and elsewhere
  • Third Independent Review in Canada, by retired Supreme Court of Canada Justice Morris J. Fish
  • LtCol Stuart Scheller (remember him?)
  • Roberts-Smith litigation in Australia
  • International Military Justice Forum à Paris
Got any suggestions? Please use the Comment function (real names only, as always).

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