Thursday, December 16, 2021

A needling question?

 On December 15, 2021 the Federal Court of Canada heard a motion for an injunction against a directive issued by the Canadian Chief of the Defence Staff for the COVID-19 vaccination of members of the Canadian Armed Forces by the end of November 2021. A Canadian Press story dated December 15, 2021 indicates that four members of the military are challenging this order particularly since the CDS order allows for exemptions on medical, religion and human rights grounds. [Approximately 800 members have applied for an exemption so far.] 

The Directive states, inter alia, the following:

Recalcitrant military members are facing career remedial measures such as being issued a career Recorded Warning and facing formal Counselling and Probation measures underway to their compulsory release (discharge) from the military under Item 5-F as being "Inapt for (further) Military service."

In court, these four  members argued that their 'constitutional rights' were being violated. They asked the Federal Court to issue a temporary injunction.  After hearing the motion, the Court adjourned reserving its decision.

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