Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Department of Serendipity (one in a series)

USAspending.gov is a federal government website that shows how the government spends our money. Of interest (no pun intended) is the page dedicated to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces (account symbol 097-0104). From it we learn:

Fiscal Year Summary

For this current fiscal year, this agency [sic] has been granted authority to spend $16M out of this federal account. They carried over a balance of $1M from last year, were given $15M in new appropriations, and have authority to use $0 of other budgetary resources.

To date, 97.6% ($16M) of the total $16M has been obligated.

For FY21, the court's outlay was $17,750,249. A useful table sets forth the spending by prime award. The single largest contract was for $2,453,276, awarded to Indigenous Technologies LLC for computer facilities management services. The firm is located in Chickasha, OK, and is owned by the Delaware Nation through Delaware Nation Industries. The second largest contract (for $934,570 in courier services) went to Intellectechs Inc. of Virginia Beach, VA.

The legal basis and mission of the USAspending.gov website are described here.

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