Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Bravo, mon colonel!

Congratulations to longtime Global Military Justice Reform contributor Colonel-Maître® Michel Drapeau on receiving the Award for Distinguished Service from the Ontario Bar Association. Excerpt:

Sheila Fynes, who battled the Canadian Forces for years as she tried to get answers about the suicide of her son and the bungled military police investigation into that death, said Drapeau’s award is well deserved. “He’s always the champion of the little guy,” said Fynes, who had Drapeau as her lawyer during the Military Police Complaints Commission hearing into her son’s death. “I think he is just a decent, honourable man. He doesn’t hesitate to help whenever or wherever he can.

“I will be forever grateful to Nicole and Michel and everyone in their office,” she added, referring to Drapeau’s wife Nicole.

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