Friday, September 11, 2015

New issue in Myanmar

A new issue has emerged in Myanmar. The bar is objecting to the appointment of military officers to the civilian courts. Radio Free Asia reports:
Myanmar lawyers began a “yellow ribbon” campaign on Friday in Yangon to protest against the recent appointment of 20 former military officers to judicial positions on the country’s Supreme Court in a bid to end the appointment of military judges to the country’s judiciary branch. 
A lawyer association in Naypyidaw began the campaign on Wednesday at Dekkhina District Court where supporters wore yellow ribbons and passed out fliers to oppose the “militarization of the judiciary” through the appointment of former military officers to judicial positions for which they are often unqualified. 
Lawyers in Yangon and Mandalay began their own yellow ribbon protests on Friday to voice their disagreement with the appointment of the former military officers during the last week of August to serve on the Supreme Court. 
“It’s OK to appoint them in military courts, but real judges should serve in civilian courts,” said Aung Soe, an attorney in Yangon.

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