Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Sierra Leone verdict in another four weeks

Judge Advocate Otto During
This article indicates that it will be another four weeks -- you read that right -- before a verdict is reached in the multi-accused mutiny case that has been underway, by fits and starts, for over a year in Freetown, Sierra Leone. As described, the process from here seems passing strange:
The fate of 13 alleged military mutineers now lies in the hands of Judge Advocate Otto During, who is due to pronounce his verdict in four weeks' time. 
The trial of the alleged mutineers started in April 2014 with the prosecution presenting 12 witnesses who all testified in the matter. After the prosecution closed their case, the defence presented a no case submission, but the Judge Advocate ruled that 13 of the 14 officers have cases to answer, while Corporal Gibao Kamara was set free after he was adjudged to have no case to answer. 
* * * 
The Judge Advocate will be guided by six experienced military officers who constitute the court martial board and are expected to guide him reach the all important decision.

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