Monday, June 30, 2014

Good idea from Peru

All too often, it falls to Global Military Justice Reform to be the bearer of bad news, such as the misuse of military jurisdiction or abusive conduct by military personnel. Tonight we have a "good news" story from Peru, where, according to this article from Andina Peruvian News Agency, the head of the Military Police, Brig. Gen. (ret) Juan Pablo Ramos Espinoza, announced the creation of an office where members of the public can lodge complaints against police and military personnel. Complaints will be evaluated by military prosecutors.
General Ramos reported that the creation of this office is part of a broad program of crime prevention in the military and police and a new policy of transparency and coordination with the community. 
"Military justice is not something alien to the civilian population. On the contrary, we are working hard to raise the standards of discipline and ethical quality of the armed forces and police, and in this work we want citizens to be our allies in denouncing the bad elements who disgrace the uniform of the motherland. Although they are very few, their misconduct causes serious damage to the image of our institutions." [Rough Google translation.]

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