Friday, July 17, 2015

3 U.S. Navy admirals censured

The "Fat Leonard" scandal has claimed 3 Navy admirals, according to this article from the Washington Post. Excerpt:
Three U.S. admirals were censured for dining at “extravagant” banquets in Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore and accepting other gifts from an Asian defense contractor at the center of a bribery scandal that continues to rattle the highest ranks of the Navy, according to documents released late Friday. 
One dinner alone cost $23,061, or about $768.72 for each of the 30 people who attended. To get around ethics rules, the admirals reimbursed the contractor — a Malaysian national known in Navy circles as “Fat Leonard” — but only for a fraction of the expense, writing personal checks for between $50 and $70 each, the documents show.
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Meanwhile, the Navy has said it expects to discipline personnel whose misconduct was not criminal in nature but who may have violated ethics rules. The Navy has set up a special review authority to investigate such cases but has released almost no information about its work.
The Post has long done excellent work covering disciplinary actions involving flag and general officers.

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