Friday, November 30, 2018

To read or not to read

I don't know if Hit and Run by Nicky Hagar is on the Worth-the-Read list.  The book appears to stem from and be about the Operation Burnham inquiry--as reported by Andrea Vance
Hit and Run author Nicky Hager has launched a stinging attack on the Defence Force for a "petty" approach to an inquiry into controversial SAS raids.
Hager says Defence Force staff believe the investigation is about clearing their name - and protecting the organisation's reputation rather than the deaths of six Afghan civilians in 2010.
The book detailed a raid by the New Zealand Special Air Service (SAS) soldiers in August 2010 in Tirgiran Valley. The authors said six civilians – including a three-year-old girl – were killed and 15 injured, and the events later covered up by the military.
Which generated an inquiry by Attorney-General--the Operation Burnham Inquiry.  The various articles referenced by Ms. Vance seem to address "a street protest of graffiti, banners, and billboards that claimed the Defence Force "tells lies" and "covered up war crimes"." 

Here is a link to the Inquiries home page.

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