Thursday, November 22, 2018

Recusal watch: Uganda

Should the chairman of the Uganda general court-martial recuse in a current case involving treason charges against a former Member of Parliament? Consider this report from New Vision. Excerpt:
An irked [Lt Gen Andrew] Gutti queried the rationale of [Tonny Nsubuga] Kipoi's submission, yet from the onset of the trial, he (Kipoi) never expressed reservations about the seven member panel.

When [defence counsel retired Maj. Ronald] Idduli conveyed Kipoi's misgivings, Gutti blasted him and threatened to arrest him, saying he was "retired and tired" to the extent that he no longer remembers the law and the court procedures.

"So you are asking the President to appoint another chairperson to try your client? This is crazy," said Gutti.

Idduli was compelled to sit down, in a show of respect to his senior in the military.

He however said that he was not being disrespectful, but only querying procedural impropriety.

Gutti however shot back and mocked him, saying for a number of times, Idduli had petitioned the High Court and the Constitutional Court, challenging Kipoi's trial in the Court Martial unsuccessfully.
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