Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Les misérables!

November 26, 2018 an article published by Cameroon media reveals the latest travails of a military tribunal. The facts are quite simple. Chimène Ngwenn is accused of failing to honour the national flag during a sunset ceremony by the Balamba constabulary in March 2018. At the time Ngween was sitting inside an adjoining bistro and did not stand up to show respect to the flag. On account of the loud music, she claimed not having heard the whistle sound made by a constable. She was promptly arrested and wes firmly walked over to the police station by a police officer.

In attendance, her husband, Angelo Omologa, intervened to free her and send her home. Days passed, and suddenly the husband was charged with “rebellion”. 

Angelo was detained for close to a week.

After hearing from both Chimène and her sister Georgette who witnessed her arrest, at trial the military judge pronounced a non-guilty verdict for Chimène. Angelo was not so fortunate; he was found guilty of 'rebellion".  He will be sentenced later.

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