Thursday, November 1, 2018

"But enough of praise"

Global Military Justice Reform's prolific contributor Major (Ret) Navdeep Singh has written a two-part article for Bench & Bar, available here. Surveying a batch of cases that go back years, he makes the point that the Indian Ministry of Defence's scorched-earth litigation strategy -- in essence, never giving an inch and at times hiding the ball -- is "misdirected, highly adversarial and sadistic." Excerpt:
The Government has a huge task at hand. It must not trust what is put up to the political executive by way of file notings from below, blindly. Notes are prepared so as to create a bias in the minds of the competent authorities thereby making wise decision-making an uphill task. The only way to resolve this quandary is to ensure a well-rounded system of consultation with all stake-holders and selected affected parties. In absence of the same, the decision-makers would continue to remain trapped in echo-chambers.

While we, the ones dealing with military litigation, shall remain, waiting for Godot!

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