Friday, June 15, 2018

Not military justice, but . . .

An interesting change in the terms and conditions applicable to Irish military personnel seems to be in the works, judging by this account:
The Government has decided to change a law governing working time which excludes members of the Defence Forces and the Garda Siochána from its provisions, the High Court heard.

The Government's decision was announced as part of the settlement by a member of the Defence Forces of her action challenging the 1997 Organisation of Working Time Act (OWTA) and was the first of a number of such challenges.

As part of the settlement, Defence Forces member Susan O'Donnell is to get annual leave she lost in 2015.

In her action, she challenged the constitutionality of the exclusion of members of the Defence Forces from the OWTA.

The Act provides for, among other things, annual leave entitlements which are not affected by sickness, maternity or parental leave entitlements.
If any readers in Ireland can shed more light on this, please comment (real names only, please.) 

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