Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Retrospective jurisdiction

The Express Tribune reports that a case that arose over 10 years ago and has been pending in Pakistan's anti-terrorism court has now been sent to one of the military courts created earlier this year under the 21st Amendment that was enacted in January. Excerpt:
At least 12 men who allegedly murdered two Rangers and injured four of their peers in an attack in Gilgit over a decade ago will be tried by military courts in Gilgit-Baltistan
The case was referred to a military court by anti-terrorism court (ATC) judge Raja Shehbaz during a hearing on Monday, an insider privy to the development said on Tuesday. “The suspects, who were on bail and present in the court during the hearing, were arrested by security officials,” he added. 
The accused had been booked for attacking Rangers in Gilgit on October 13, 2005. At least two rangers and 10 civilians were killed in the shoot-out. Four Rangers also were injured in the violence that erupted after leading Shia clerics were gunned down by armed men earlier the same year.
The news report does not indicate how long the case had been pending before the ATC or when the defendants were released on bail.

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