Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Officer inmate may be sanctioned for speaking with a journalist

A weird case is reported by Air Force Times. Excerpt:
An Air Force officer being held at Naval Consolidated Brig Miramar, California, may face disciplinary actions for talking to an Air Force Times reporter by telephone, a brig spokesman said. 
Maj. Clarence Anderson III called Air Force Times on Monday and talked with a reporter about his plea for clemency. 
A Navy instruction prohibits prisoners from talking to media by telephone, said Brewster Schenck, a spokesman for the brig. 
"A disciplinary report was written this afternoon, but it's not yet been investigated, so it's in process," Schenck told Air Force Times on Tuesday. 
Schenck also said that prison officials looked into whether to move Anderson to segregation – for prisoners in a discipline status or awaiting discipline – but ultimately decided not to do so. 
Anderson was sentenced in April to 42 months in prison and dismissal from the Air Force after he was found guilty at court-martial of sexual assault and other charges. His attorney has requested that his conviction be set aside.
There's more here: an allegation that a witness in the case was paid $10,000 to testify.

Should prisoners be barred from speaking with the media? What correctional interest does such a rule serve?

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  1. Mr. Fidell,

    Taking into account that the AF Times reporting might be lacking, this case is troubling. I can't imagine a witness being paid $10,000 would not have substantially impeached the witness's credibility in a case where a woman traveled across the country for three years with this Officer and was abused. I wonder whether the judge acquitted him of three of the charges because of her credibility or how the charge sheet was drafted. And, I also question the policy of accused not being permitted to speak to the press about their conviction. Interesting case.


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