Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Mix-up in Rwanda treason court-martial

How does it happen that defense counsel fail to show up for trial in a treason court-martial? Easy: don't tell them the case has been scheduled for that day. Details here. Excerpt:
Judge Maj Bernard Hategekimana said the case will proceed next year against prosecution demands that the lawyers be mandated to explain their absence. 
This is not the first time the lawyers have skipped court. In June, the defence lawyers were each fined $416 after the judge termed their action as contempt of court. 
In defence of their lawyers,* Col [Tom] Byabagamba, who was in court Tuesday together with his co-accused, argued that the case was to resume Monday, December 28, but was changed to the following day without their knowledge.
* That's a switch. [Footnote added.]

Two of the three accused men are retired members of the Armed Forces. 

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