Tuesday, December 1, 2015

First 4 death warrants approved under Pakistan's 21st Amendment

Four men will be hanged pursuant to death warrants that have been approved following convictions by military courts established under Pakistan's 21st Amendment. The cases grew out of the December  16, 2014 massacre at the Army Public School in Peshawar as well as other, unrelated crimes. This unsigned article in the Express Tribune tells the tale. Excerpt:
Abdus Salam was accused of harbouring the suicide bombers, who later attacked the Army Public School. He was also convicted for involvement in the murder of two colonels and a civilian director of the National Development Complex. 
The second convict, Hazrat Ali, was involved in attacking law enforcement agencies personnel, abetment in kidnapping and killing of Levies soldiers and fundraising for the Peshawar school attack. 
Mujeeb [Rehman] and Sabeel were convicted for their involvement in transporting 10 suicide bombers for the attack on the Pakistan Air Force base in Peshawar, attacking police check posts and abetment in the Peshawar school attack. 
Since the establishment of military courts, 27 terrorists have been handed down death sentences on different counts.

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