Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Haredi conscription remains a third rail in Israeli politics

The ultra-Orthodox community in Israel, having won a tough fight in the Knesset, are still objecting to the latest changes in conscription legislation. This report from Israel Hayom tells the story. Excerpt:
Under the previous conscription law, haredim [ultra-Orthodox] who avoided military service would have faced criminal sanctions as early as 2017, but according to the amended law, passed last month, mandatory haredi enlistment will take effect no earlier than 2020. It also stipulates that any punitive measures taken against haredi draft dodgers must not be taken before 2023. The law also lets the defense minister decide on the scope of haredi enlistment. The overall effect of the amendment means that haredim could enjoy exemptions well beyond 2023.
The can has been kicked down the road. 

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