Friday, June 12, 2015

Unusual sentence in Irish case

Readers of Global Military Justice Reform may recall the case of Irish Defence Forces Air Corps Commandant Nile Donohoe, who was prosecuted for assaulting and using insulting language to a senior officer. This Irish Times report describes the sentence (which did not include a dismissal):
While stating that demotion to the rank of captain could have been considered an appropriate punishment, [Military Judge Col. Michael Campion] said such a sentence would not be proportional as Cmdt Donohoe would soon reach the mandatory retirement age for that rank and so would suffer a reduction to pension and gratuities already accrued, and would not be afforded suitable opportunity to gain promotion and a resultant pay rise. 
Instead, he will have his pay reduced from a current level of €63,176 a year to €57,925 from August 1st, and furthermore must forfeit one day’s pay for each of 10 consecutive months after that date to satisfy the conditions of the sentence. 
Cmdt Donohoe will have the prospect of gradually building up his rate of pay to the previous level of €63,176 by 2017, the court was told.

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  1. There is some similarity to the old US Navy punishment of loss of numbers on the lineal promotion list. Perhaps that's an old punishment that ought to be revived across the Services?


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