Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Trouble for padres

A U.S. military chaplain is in hot water:
A Navy chaplain could soon get booted out for biblical views some consider politically incorrect. Defenders of religious liberty warn that if that can happen to a chaplain, it means no service member's religious freedom is safe. 
Lt. Commander Wes Modder points out it's essential to understand that he's not just a Navy chaplain; he's also an Assemblies of God minister. As such, Modder explained, he must accurately present his denomination's biblical viewpoints. 
"It's important that I follow my conscience, my relationship with Jesus Christ, and my ordaining body, the Assemblies of God. I have to," Modder told CBN News in an exclusive interview. 
And he did just that at the Naval Weapons Station, Joint Base Charleston. In following his denomination's conservative views, he took a strong stance in counseling sessions on subjects like sex outside marriage and homosexuality. 
After several service members complained about his counseling, Modder's commander confronted him with a dossier that surprised the chaplain with how it made him look.
Read more about it here.

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