Friday, June 12, 2015

Here we go again

The Colombian Congress has passed military justice legislation. It's controversial. Consider this article:
Colombia’s Congress approved a controversial reform that seeks to give military tribunals jurisprudence over crimes committed by the military after previous attempts were struck down by the Constitutional Court. 
This constitutional reform contains several fundamental changes in the way that Colombia’s security forces are tried against crimes and are controversial because human rights defenders have claimed that the reform promotes impunity for thousands of crimes committed by members of the military. 
According to the new bill, military tribunals that are composed of active or retired members of the security forces will prosecute and judge colleagues charged with crimes.
The bill was supported by the entire Congress except for the leftist opposition who claimed the reform could mean impunity for thousands of members of the police and armed forces who are accused of human rights violations. 
Opposition party Democratic Pole announced it would challenge the bill before the Constitutional Court which struck down similar reform attempts on two previous occasions.

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