Monday, June 29, 2015

Crime and punishment in the National Guard

The NBC "News4 I-Team" in Washington, D.C has run this investigative piece about how sexual assault is dealt with in the National Guard when not in federal service (i.e., in title 32 status). Excerpt:
What happens to those accused of rape or sexual assault in the National Guard varies dramatically depending on what state you work in. 
Those who served in California or Idaho faced punishments including a court martial, incarceration and dishonorable discharge. But if you served in states including Alabama, New Jersey or West Virginia, you more likely ended up with a letter of reprimand, according to a groundbreaking survey compiled by the News4 I-Team.
Consider this dramatic graphic:

Punishments for Sex Assault

GOMOR or Letter of ReprimandDishonorable DischargeOther Type of DischargeGeneral DischargeOther Than Honorable DischargeAdministrative SeparationRemoval from AGR program/Federal...Bad Conduct DischargeDischarge for MisconductForced ResignationResignation in Lieu of Other Act...Forced RetirementOther ActionsFederal Discharge in Lieu of Oth...Federal Conviction for Lesser Of...Incarceration/ConfinementSeparation for Conduct AllegedArticle 15Reduction in RankBar Reenlistment

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