Monday, October 27, 2014

Use of military courts expanded in Egypt

Egypt has set a state of emergency that will permit the use of military courts for three months in the restive North Sinai area. This, and an expansion of the crimes that can be tried in military courts, is proving controversial, according to this article in Daily News Egypt:
“Referring terrorism cases to military justice is a necessity for the country’s highest interests,” said Naguib Gabriel, head of the Egyptian Union of Human Rights Organization.
But for 30 years, having a state of emergency in Sinai has not solved anything, said Sara El-Sherif, a member of No Military Trials for Civilians group.
“Generally, we refuse military trials for civilians,” El-Sherif said. “The new draft is unconstitutional and goes against what the people chose. They are adding to the constitution without the people’s consent.”
“This is an act of revenge that will not solve terrorism. Terrorism should be solved through fair trials,” El-Sherif added.
For four years the number of people tried in front of a military court has increased, El-Sherif added. Standing in front of a military court for damaging public facilities would multiply the number by 10, she said, adding: “This is further consecration of injustice.”

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