Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Nigeria to try enlisted accuseds first

The Daily Sun has this article about how one of the Nigerian courts-martial is unfolding. Officers are to be tried after the enlisted personnel because the enlisted personnel are being held in awful circumstances. Details:
The court, inaugurated on October 2, 2014, was adjourned to October, 15, (today), even as lawyers representing the accused officers and soldiers complained of not having the charge sheet, convening order and summary of the evidence of those who will be coming to give evidence against their clients, which the president of the court promised to make available before today.
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“The reason the court decided to start with the trial of the soldiers instead of the officers, is because when you go to where these soldiers are kept, you will shed tears because they are packed like sardines” 
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With this development, it may take as long as next year for the trial of the officers to commence given the large number of soldiers involved.
Sources also revealed that the condition in which the officers were being detained at the Mogadishu Cantonment, was nothing to write home about. The officers are forced to sleep on the floor as the Mess also serves as office for the Defence Head Quarters Garrison.

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