Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Journalists facing military trial in Cameroon

Cameroon Radio Television's report on the three journalists facing trial by a military court in Cameroon is as brief as it is disturbing:
The three journalists are accused of [withholding] of sensitive information.
On the first day of their court appearance, the examining judge Aline Mbia Ondoua notified them of the charges against them. 
The judge let them go but instructed them not to leave the national territory.
The three will have to present themselves at the military tribunal every Monday before judgement begins in earnest. 
The legal troubles of these three journalists began on 24th October 2014, three days after Maitre Harissau (currently in detention) was formerly indicted for a number of accusations including insults to the Head of State and hostility to the Fatherland.
The court maintains that, a sensitive document that originated from Maitre Harrisau was handed to the three journalists between 23rd and 25th July 2014.
The document which is still unknown to the public is considered sensitive enough requiring the media men to have made the information known to competent authorities.

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