Sunday, October 12, 2014

General officer sexual harassment case in South Korea

No country has a monopoly on senior officer misconduct. Now a Seoul-area major general in the South Korean Army has been arrested on charges of having sexually harassing a female NCO, according to this article in Yonhap News:
The incident renewed strong public criticism and ire against the military for its mismanagement of a series of brutal cases at the barracks in recent months. Early last month, Lt. Gen. Shin Hyun-don, a three-star general who was in charge of the First Army, was discharged for being drunk in public while on duty.
In the wake of the latest incident, Defense Minister Han Min-koo held an emergency meeting involving all major commanders on Friday and called for "thorough introspection."
"The recent cases that revealed the lax discipline seriously hurt the military's reputation and caused it to lose the public trust. Thorough self-reflection is required," Han said.
Those who violate orders and commit wrongdoing "should face stern punishment regardless of their rank and positions," he stressed.
As part of efforts to prevent the recurrence of similar incidents, the military has decided to introduce "the one-strike-and-out policy, which rules out such offenders from being promoted, and strengthens related education for commanders," said the officer.

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