Sunday, October 5, 2014

Special prosecutor urged for Alaska National Guard

In this op-ed, Jim Babb, a journalist-turned-lawyer, argues that only a special prosecutor can be counted on to get to the bottom of the problems that have plagued the Alaska National Guard:
The governor, after almost five years of trying to shove this mess under the rug, finally appointed someone to look into it, an Air National Guard general from Connecticut. Well and good. [Brig.] Gen. [John] Mottʼs record describes a fine and honorable career.
But the problem is that his investigation probably will not be completed until after the election. Meanwhile, the governorʼs office claims -- while denying on Sept. 26 a Freedom of Information Act Request -- that he and his office can make no comment during a pending investigation. Under the rug again.
And, as honorable and professional as Gen. Mott may be, his whole career has been with the Air Guard. There will always be a lingering question, legitimate or not, whether heʼs more interested in protecting the institution or assuring justice to its victims. Across the country, servicewomen for years have complained that the military chain of command does not give them the fair hearing they deserve.
A special prosecutor, without fear or favor, can determine who did (or didnʼt) do what and when.
Click here for more on the Alaska National Guard's current reform efforts.

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