Saturday, October 4, 2014

Sexual misconduct in Botswana Defence Force

MmegiOnline has this opinion piece about a sexual offense case that is roiling the Botswana Defence Force:
It is with much irony that BDF has never in the past prosecuted any senior officer for sexual misconduct or infidelity. But this organisation is a hive of sexual activity at the workplace with female civilian staff and spouses to juniors. And it seems it commences with a junior female officer and according to my personal opinion, it’s all because she got involved with a private soldier. Like someone has said, love knows no bounds.
I need to note to the reader here that I do not dispute the fact that the two accused have been involved in a misdemeanour of a sexual nature and it is right that they have to face the consequences of their deliberate actions. What I am apprehensive about is the fact that several senior officers have in the past and in the present eluded prosecution on similar matters of sexual misconduct. In fact, their offenses were much more grievous because it was a case of adultery and that is not the case with the current case. The two accused are lovers.

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