Wednesday, July 7, 2021

What happens when a complaint is filed against a Brazilian flag or general officer?

Folha de S. Paulo reports here on the fact that over the last 10 years, only one Brazilian flag or general officer accused of serious crime has been punished by the Superior Military Court (STM), out of 20 cases filed. Excerpt:

Of eight accusations made to the court by the Military Public Ministry, three were accepted.

Rear Admiral Jorge Nerie Vellame was convicted of wrongful bodily injury (unintentionally). He served two years in detention in 2015, and the sentence was extinguished in 2018.

There were also at least 13 inquiries that didn't even reach the higher court.

The STM and the Military Prosecutor's Office deny that there is impunity or corporatism in the analysis of such cases. The court emphasizes that, in the cases cited, civilian members voted for the acquittal.

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