Friday, July 2, 2021

A decision by the Acting Chief of the Defence Staff ... and political turmoil

Recently, the Acting Chief of the Defence Staff of the Canadian Forces, Lieutenant-General (LGen) Wayne Eyre, publicly explained that he would not be taking any steps to remove Vice-Admiral Craig Baines from his position as Commander of the Royal Canadian Navy, following Vice-Admiral Baines' participation in a round of golf with the former Chief of the Defence Staff, General Jonathan Vance (retired). 

General Vance (retired) remains the subject of an ongoing investigation by the Canadian Forces National Investigation Service (CFNIS).  However, after nearly five months, no charges have been laid, and it is not even clear if the investigation has yet been concluded.  In fact, no charges have been laid in relation to any of the allegations that have been made against a select number of senior officers and only one of the investigations conducted by the CFNIS has been referred (to civilian prosecutors) for review.

LGen Eyre's comments did prompt some commentary regarding the process for removing an officer from a command position 'with cause': Removal from Command.

Moreover, LGen Eyre's comments then prompted a bit of a political brouhaha over the past two or three days: Yellow Card for the PM and his Deputy.

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