Saturday, June 19, 2021

Military justice and civilian blogging

Tunisia is one of a number of countries that persist in prosecuting civilians in military courts, despite human rights jurisprudence. (Others include Uganda, Cameroon, Egypt, Lebanon.) But there is pushback, including this from Ahmed Nejib Chebbi, a leading attorney and opposition figure, objecting to the military trial of a civilian blogger. Excerpt:

Indicating that the post published by the blogger in question, whatever its content, does not amount to a “military crime” because the young man did not target the military institution and that he It is in no way possible to attribute the military function to the Head of State, who represents the civil authority par excellence to which the armed forces of any democratic State are subject.

"I accuse the President of the Republic of involving military justice in specialties beyond his competence" he insisted.

"I accuse the Military Prosecutor's Office of having derogated from the law and of having deviated from its constitutional powers to the pleasure of certain political parties". he added.

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