Wednesday, December 30, 2020

168 Egyptian civilians draw life sentences in military court

Egypt continues to break records when it comes to improperly prosecuting civilians in military court. The latest case involved hundreds of civilians. Details here. Excerpt:
A military court sentenced on Tuesday 168 defendants to life in prison (25 years per Egyptian penal code) for forming 43 cells affiliated with the Islamic State (IS) terrorist group and planning a number of terror attacks across the country.
The terrorist cells, which were affiliated with the Daesh branch in North Sinai known in the media as 'Sinai Province', were charged with carrying out 63 terrorist crimes in North Sinai.
The court acquitted 35 defendants in the case, which included 555 people.
The court sentenced 36 defendants to 15 years in prison, 136 to 10 years, 50 to seven years, 42 to five years, and 89 to three years.
Human rights jurisprudence strongly disfavors the trial of civilians in military courts.

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