Monday, March 16, 2020

Uganda, again

The Daily Monitor has this report on a civilian woman who was arrested by the Ugandan military when she sought to visit her civilian husband, who in turn is being held pending trial by court-martial. Excerpt:
“My husband is not a soldier. I don’t know why he is being held under military detention. I tried to make sure he gets justice but was instead arrested and ordered to confess that my husband had been used by (Gen) Kale Kayihura (former Inspector General of Police) to illegally repatriate Rwandan refugees,” M[s Fatuma] Nassanga said.

* * *

“I was kept in a cold room for eight days because I had gone to visit my husband in Makindye. Different officers came in asked me to plead with my husband to accept that he had been used to repatriate Rwandan nationals and tell them his connections with the country’s president,” Ms Nassanga claimed.

“They told me to eat the food that I had brought for my husband and I did. But they went ahead and arrested me,” she added.

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