Monday, March 23, 2020

Pakistan Army and war crimes?

Anriban Ganguly brings "Pakistan army must be tried for war crimes," published today in DailyOh!

He begins
Prime Minister Narebdra Modi's address on the occasion of the inauguration of "Mujib Barsha" - Mujib Year - to celebrate the centenary of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rehman, was an inspiring one.
Recalling the struggle of the people of Bangladesh under the leadership of Bangabandhu, Modi observed "how a repressive and cruel regime, disregarding all democratic values, unleashed a reign of injustice on 'Bangla Bhumi' and devastated its people" and how Mujib "had devoted every moment of his life towards bringing Bangladesh out of the phase of devastation and genocide and making it into a positive and progressive society."
And asks,
While Sheikh Hasina's government has held a bold and exemplary War Crimes trial against Razakar collaborators of the Pakistan army's genocide in Bangladesh, "Mujib Barsha" this year and next year the 50th anniversary of the Bangladesh Liberation War, is the right time to call for an international trial of the Pakistani army itself for its role in war crimes and genocide in 1971.
The self-styled international 'conscience keepers" of the world must respond.

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