Monday, March 13, 2017

Proposed scope of military courts' jurisdiction in Pakistan

Dawn reports on the state of affairs regarding the bills to revive military courts in Pakistan. The measures would, if approved by each house of Parliament, expand those courts' jurisdiction:
The offences in which such suspects proposed to be tried include: raise arms or wage war against Pakistan, or attack the Armed Forces of Pakistan, law enforcement agencies, judiciary, public servants or civilians or attack any civil or military installations in Pakistan; or abduct any person for ransom, or cause injury or death of any person; or possess, store, fabricate or transport or use explosives, fire-arms, instruments, articles, suicide jackets; or use or design vehicles for terrorist acts; or provide or receive funding from any foreign or local source for the illegal activities under this sub-clause; or act to over-awe the state or any section of the public or sect or religious minority; or create terror or insecurity in Pakistan or attempt to commit any of the said acts within or outside Pakistan. 
The proposed amendments to the Army Act also include several offences mentioned in the Anti-Terrorism Act 1997, which would be tried by the military courts.

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