Thursday, March 2, 2017

Hamas military trial for 13 accused jihadists

Hamas is trying militants in a military court. Here's an excerpt from the i24 News account:
In an unprecedented move, the Hamas Islamist group declared Thursday that 13 Palestinian jihadists will be tried in a military court for allegedly trying to start a war by firing rockets into Israel and for collaborating with Islamic State militants in the Sinai, a source told i24 NEWS. 
According to Palestinian law in the [Gaza] Strip, only two groups of people may be tried in military court: soldiers and those who commit treason by collaborating with Israeli forces. In recent months, Hamas launched a wide-scale crackdown against jihadists in the Gaza Strip, arresting some 550 suspected jihadists and supporters of the Islamic State terrorist organization, some of whom, they claim, are responsible for recent rocket fire into Israel.
Human rights jurisprudence strongly disfavors military trials of civilians. 

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