Monday, March 6, 2017

PPP's suggestions for revived military courts

The Pakistan People's Party has disclosed nine requirements it believes should be met if the country's military courts' power to try civilians is revived. According to this account, these are:
1. The military courts will be presided over by 1 Session[s] Judge or Additional Session[s] Judge along with a military officer. 
2. The Sessions Judge / Additional sessions Judge will be nominated by the concerned Chief Justice. 
3. The period will be for 1 year from starting date. 
4. Right of Judicial Review by High Courts under Article 199 of the Constitution. 
5. The High Court shall decide the case within 60 day[s]. 
6. Accused to be produced within 24 hours before the concerned Court. 
7. Accused to be supplied with grounds of arrest within 24 hours. 
8. Accused shall have right to engage a [counsel] of his choice. 
9. Provisions of Qanoon-e-Shahadat 1984 shall apply.

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