Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The duelists return

"It's clear that nothing has changed despite the military's claim that things have gotten better," [Sen. Kirsten] Gillibrand, the top Democrat on the Senate Armed Services personnel subcommittee, said at a news conference on Tuesday.

[Sen. Claire] McCaskill's office takes issues with the findings in the Gillibrand report.

"Not one of the cases examined in this report was handled in the newly reformed military justice system — so while this is an interesting examination of the previous system, it's largely irrelevant to this year's debate," said John LaBombard, a McCaskill spokesman.

Quoted in this NBC News report 

Editor's query: And when Congress enacts this year's NDAA's UCMJ changes, will opponents of commander-centric disposition-authority reform say we have to wait until we see data on conviction rates under those changes as well? When do we stop kicking the reform can down the legislative road? 

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