Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Human rights group to boycott IDF military justice complaints process

B'Tselem, the Israeli human right group, will no longer file complaints of soldier misconduct.
B’Tselem declared today that “there is no longer any point” to submitting complaints to Israeli’s army judicial system. The decision ends 25 years of the human rights organization bringing cases to Israel’s military court and supporting investigations into the killings of Palestinians. 
The decision to end army cooperation follows stalled and faulty investigations in more than 700 cases since 2000, which resulted in a 3 percent conviction rate. The rights group has in effect given up on believing in the system’s ability to correct itself, or provide accountability. 
“We provide them with all of our evidence, but we feel sometimes that they use the evidence and testimonies that we provide them to find a contradiction, not to find justice,” [Iyad] Haddad lamented. “Why should we give the Israeli investigators a gun with which to shoot the victims again?”
Soldier misconduct is prosecuted in special military tribunals. Palestinians cannot file complaints directly against the Israeli military, nor can they schedule times to give witness statements independently. They rely on groups like B’Tselem to advocate on their behalf.
Details here. Click here for B'Tselem's announcement and report.

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